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This low cost HabiTag receiver stores HX19TL tag encounters and saves the record in a round buffer. It is an RFID ultrasonic receiver, it logs and stores the RFID and ultrasonic ID in memory buffer. Central software can extract this information using USB connected units like the HX19MS (wifi 2.4GHZ communication). Devices are available with occupancy detection, these will alarm central monitoring if there is a tag-less presence.

Fixture allow the HX19RLD to be mounted on ceilings like smoke-detectors, it can also be mounted on walls and floors or simply placed on an office desk powered using USB or battery.

The HX19RLD has 3 power options: 110-240Vac, 5-18Vdc, and Battery.

Typical battery life is 2700 hours per charge. Charging cycles approx. 1000

Enlosure bowl shape is 100mm Dia. and 18mm heigh.

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