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Evaluation package I.

Companies and Institutes may be eligible for 30 day payment terms.

Four pieces Habitag Receivers for desk, floor, wall and ceiling mount. Supplied with 5 to 12Vdc. Micro USB power input plug. Receivers log incoming RFID and the ultrasonic signature associated with the RF signal. The tracking and whereabouts data is stored in round buffers, periodically probed and emptied by the desktop network reader.

Two pieces miniature habitag transmitters with USB charging cable and an internal LIR2032 rechargeable battery. These transmitters (tags) emit RFID and ultrasonic ID (USID) periodically. This signal is localized by the receivers, and logged to a central station using the hx19msl below.

Desk RF network reader hx19msl, this unit can be used to control and read the contents of receiver buffers USID/RFID, and detect RFID. The hx19msl comes without a RF booster, the range bubble has a diameter of 15m clear line of sight. The wave travels through walls and object with various amount of attenuation depending on the chemical composition of the object. The range can be boosted to cover a few thousand square meters.

The evaluation package comes with the HabiTag software, and search facility. The HabiTag software polls receivers and stores the data in local folders or internet folder. Commented source code for the HabiTag software comes with this package, to help programmers quick utilization of the Locator hardware. Tag charger cable is included.

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