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The HX11 devices have the ability to recognize their own signals and selected signals in a jungle of echoes, and disturbances. 

Hx11 application examples

The example below shows a Hx11 setup, this example contains Hx11xa devices set up as callers and transponders. Perhaps a better term in this case for the transponder is the word reflector. That is what Hx11 devices shown as 'E' and 'F' in the illustration below do. These simply reflect the call from Hx11 device marked as 'A'. Device marked 'A' transmits it's call and measures the time until the call comes back reflected by 'E and F'. By doing so it knows the distances D1 and D2, therefore it can navigate between these reflectors straight through the door. 

All Hx11x devices can operate as callers and transponders simultaneously. These can receive and reflect calls from other devices. The moving object 1 has callers with the same caller identification label on each side. Moving object 2 similarly has callers marked 'B' attached to a cylinder and thus covering each side of the vehicle. Caller 'A' on the back side (low side) of moving object 1 will transmit the distance D3 through it's serial port. And caller 'B' will also transmit D3 distance through its serial port. Hence both object 1 and object 2 know the distance between them and can avoid collision. It is not necessary to have the same caller ID for each side of the vehicle. If the caller has a different ID for each side, object 1 and 2 will know what sides are turning together. One vehicle can dock itself to another while moving. Callers on the moving objects can be used to guide vehicles around a structure, because the caller also registers the identification of the reflectors. So pair combination of transponders (or reflectors) can be located in various places to help the object navigate. 


HX11 Ultrasonic Positioning System Tracking and Guidance

An autonomous system as shown above, can be tracked using overhead network of Hx11x devices as shown below. For the Hx11 system the sonic waves from the overhead devices, don't conflict with the horizontal waves. But even if it did, the Hx11 has the processing power to discriminate between signals. A central computer connected to the overhead network can track and watch the autonomous devices. Note that each overhead Hx11x device is also able to reflect signals received by callers. Therefore the autonomous objects can also determine their own position, if these are programmed with the whereabouts of the reflectors.



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