hx11unit: This program reads data from a device set up as transponder, it converts the hexadecimal data from the unit, into proper distances in a decimal (mm) format. Only one hx11 device should be connected to the computer running this program.

hx11units visual basic source code

The hx11unit.frm is text format, but it is best read using visual basic. see hx11support

con232: This program can be used to configure a system of HX11 device without a network controller. Many Hx11 device can be hooked up to the RS232 port on a PC and configured simultaneously.

HX11 Indoor Ultrasonic Positioning

The following download is a complete software package for the HX11. The user can test run the software to see if it is applicable and get familiar with the DDE interface. The background gif image is for testing only, it is substandard quality. The user should provide his own background image.

If you have any problem installing the package, please let us know.

the following is the complete support package for HX11

download hx11support (36MB)

Software Description 

All hxm files are ANSI text files which can be modified and created using standard test file editors like notepad and wordpad. 

HX11 programs for download

See program in hx11support download

This program (data) reads data from the HX11C controller and stores on a file called MonData.hxm

Input Files: Parameters.hxm, Layout.hxm

Output Files MonData.hxm

Find the XYZ program in the hx11support download

XYZ: in mode 0 reads data directly from the HX11C network controller, in mode 1 reads data from file MonData.hxm and in mode 2 reads data via DDE from the data program running in the background.

Input Files: Parameters.hxm, sspeed.hxm, layout.hxm

Output Files: [datevalue].hxm


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