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Connecting the devices of the HX17tr system

To connect the overhead devices together, an ordinary telephone line can be used, these are available from most hardware stores. Most hardware stores also have the crimp tool available to fit the RJ11 connectors to the cable. A valid network configuration is shown  on the right. when the two RJ11 plugs on the cable end are held side by side, the colors should match, while looking through the top of both of them. It does not damage the monitors if they are inadvertently inverted. But it could block out the whole multi-drop network until removed and corrected.
The RJ12 (RJ11)  

The hx17 uses RJ11 plugs, sockets and telephone cable, the RJ11 is commonly used to connect an ordinary phone to the wall socket. Therefore the cables, plugs and sockets are readily available at low price, and so are all the accessories that are required to create the interconnection. Plugs with 6 wires are usually referred to as RJ12, and plugs with 4 wires are usually referred to as RJ11. The HX17 network only uses the middle four wires, the two outermost for the power to the devices, and the two in the middle for data transfer.

The images to the right show a RJ12 jack and what we mean by top and bottom. It also shows how the colors are situated. The colors in the illustration to the right are listed 1 thru 6 looking from the top into the plug. This equals looking into the RJ12 socket, where the leftmost pin is pin 1 and the rightmost pin is pin 6.    

USB to SERIAL converter

The evaluation kit comes with a usb to serial converter, this allows the computer to communicate with the hx17 devices through a USB port.


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