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The software bundle

The Hx17 utrasonic positioning system comes with a demo software and the source code. Done to make it a bit easier to get from the prototype to the commercial product. This software allows transmitter motion and positions to be viewed on a background image chosen by the user, either in real time or from data logged on the hard drive. The software is all installed to a single directory, in program files\hx17 as shown below. Please download the CD 18MB and see if you can run the programs on your computer. Note that the following describes version 1, version 2 is slightly different, the real time program hx17link has changed, it is now hx17xyzDDE. Otherwise the versions are similar, and this page will be upgraded to version 2 soon.

Download the hx17xyView program, install it and try out motion on your background image.

Go into hx17 demo and right click on a file with x17 extension. Then choose the ["open with" option] brows for the hx17xyView.exe and select it. This time and subsequently when you double click on a file with x17 extension, the scaled gif image with the same name will display as the background image in hx17xyView. 

The ST6UNST files contains info for uninstalling the programs. To uninstall the programs go into control panel and select (Add or Remove Programs), then locate the programs and remove them. 


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