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The HX17 xy viewer

This program allows the user to view the position of the tags within given area. The area needs to be defined and available in a file with x17 extension. To set this up, the user must go to the installation directory program files/hx17 directory and find a file with the x17 extension. Right click on the x17 file and select "open with". At this point you will get a list of programs select hx17 xyViwer. Then double click on the Lower Level.x17 file for example, and a scaled image Lower Level.gif will appear, see below.

Once the Lower Level.gif has come up, variety of options are available. Use the tool box to open an existing position file for example "Feb 16 09 17 17 37.xyz" this is a position file that was logged starting february 16th 2009 at 17:17:37.

Once the file has been selected a scroll bar appears The user can scroll through the position file logged on February 16th using the scroll bars or click on the > or < arrows to play forwards and backwards through the file. For increased play back speed click multiple times on the > or < buttons, click often enough and the play stops. If the Live option is selected, hx17xyzDDE must be running in the background for real time display. The User can display as many instances of different scaled areas (confines) on the screen as Microsoft windows will allow.

Any image (see tagImages) can be attached to the transmitters or tags. The file format "t 1 tagImage.gif" will move as tag 1 moves, "t 2 tagImage.gif" will move like tag 2 moves, with the upper left corner pinpointing the tag. It is also possible to attach a sound to the image, or "t 1 tagSound.wav", in this case this sound file is played every time tag 1 enters a new defined area (confine), same applies to tag 2 if it finds "t 2 tagSound.wav" in the tagImages directory. Same applies to the mapped receivers

And similar to the tag images any gif image can be attached to the mapped receivers Download the program hx17xyViewer and test it on your computer. Uninstall using ADD and REMOVE programs in the control panel.


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