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The evaluation package contains

  • Six Receivers (HX17RX)

  • Two Transmitters (HX17TX)

  • One Network Reader (HX17NR-USB)

  • CD containing the HX17 software with source codes

This package contains all the components for a basic tracking system. For the initial test place the receivers one meter apart on a frame, plug the system into a PC and run the HX17Link program, this should get you started.

This software bundle does all except live operation, for that the hx17 hardware is required.

The software is written using Visual Basic 6, and as most people know Microsoft has terminated support for VB6. Be prepared there may be a compatibility issue. If a routine on your computer is older than the one being installed you will be asked if you want to replace the old routine. If you are running old programs, you should weigh the risk of replement. This program was compiled using XP service pack 2. If you don't have at least sp2 please consider upgrading.

The Visual Basic source code comes with a purchase


If you run into trouble please contact us at: service@hexamite.com


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