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Holo-graph mouse 3d parallax positioning using ultrasound + inertial measurement unit IMU

The hx19pp1ag ultrasonic positioning pistol works like the well known 2D mouse, the major difference is that it adds one more dimension to make it a 3D mouse. 3D users are no longer confined to surface control of their 3D objects. Parallax extrusion is a common feature for state of the art flat-screen technology depicted below. 

IHx19pp includes state of the art inertial sensors augmentation i.e. accelerometer and a gyroscope, the data stream is broadcasted over RF2.5GHZ to avoid common wifi bands. It is very well suited for holograph projections due to its exceptional depth precision and repeatability. Computer programs can access this data stream via hx19ms RF to USB interface. Three to four hx19r12 receivers need to be mounted on at least three corners of the flat screen as depicted below, four receivers are better than three. The positioning precision is well within 0.1% of the total sonic travel distance. Hexamite also offers hx19pp2ag with two ultrasonic points to enable pistol orientation data for full utilization of the inertial sensors. 

Multiple ultrasonic positioning pistols can be used simultaneously in the work place. The whole system is fully battery operated (lithium ion), with 150 hours maximum alertness operation per charge at 32 samples/second

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