Hx19msV3.1sio RF network monitor/synchronizer

The hx19msV3.1sio has the same features as the hx19msV3.1 in addition the user can apply TTL control of the hx19 device network through the micromatch window seen on the right. Furthermore the user also has the ability to synchronize the device with a TTL pulse applied to one of the pins. This allows the system to be synchronized with video filming frames real time. Like the standard hx19msV3.1 the sampling rate is adjustable so the activity can be user fitted into video frames. By using the TTL sio (serial i/o) the user has the same control over the Hx19 network using computer devices that don't have USB, as those who do. All other specs and features described for the hx19ms3.1 apply also to the hx19msV3.1sio.

This devices also allows FTDI USB interface, drivers are available for many operating systems.

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hx19 monitor synchronizer with SIO

HX19MS Specification HOME

Supply Voltage From USB port 5VDC
Current Consumption 30mA Max.
Weight  37g / 1.25 oz  
Enclosure  (metric) 40 x 80 x 25 Millimeters
Enclosure Size  (Imperial) 1.48 x 3.16 x 0.98 Inches
Protection Ratings IP42 Compliant
Radio Frequency 2.4 - 2.52Ghz Emission Power: 0, -5, -10, -20 db User selectable
RF user com channels 125  
RF Communication 250K baud Other baud rates are available upon request.