Ultrasonic Positioning HX7 access point and wifi connectivity
Hx7 Access Point

This module facilitates wifi (IEEE:802.11) data exchange with the ultrasonic positioning device hx7tr. It plugs into the hx7tr hardware stack and overtakes the internal single pin bidirectional communication line. It doesn't effect the hx7tr USART TTL so hardwired devices still have unhindered access. Both the USART and the WiFi have simultanious access to the hx7tr network. Using this module ultrasonic positioning enters the realm of internet of things.
wifi connection to the ultrasonic positioning system

How to gain access to the hx7tr through an access point connection

Below is an xp example, this is no different from logging into a hotspot using any operating system. Once logged into the hx7tr the user has full command access to all hx7tr units in range. The hx7tr software bundle gives the user a transparent dialog with the hx7tr, the software is open source and simple in case the user wants to write code.

wireless connection to the hx7tr

Click connect and the computer should show the hx7tr as connected see below

hx7tr wifi connection 


 HX7AP Specification

Supply Voltage External 2.8 - 6 Volts DC
Consumption (max) 200mA full speed streaming
Consumption (average) 12mA Idle
Max. Frame Size (metric) 45 x 45 x 18 mm Millimeters
Max. Frame Size (Imperial) 1.77 x 1.77 x 0.71 " Inches
Weight 13gramms / 0.5oz  
RF Emission @11Mbps 802.11b: +16dBm +/-2dBm
RF Emission @54Mbps 802.11b: +14dBm +/-2dBm
RF Emission @hht20,mcs7 802.11b: +13dBm +/-2dBm
Reception@11Mbps,CCK 802.11b: -93 dBm  
Reception@54Mbps,OFDM 802.11b: -85 dBm  
Reception@ht20, mcs7 802.11b: -82 dBm  
Networks STA /AP/STA+AP  
Encryption WEP64/WEP128/TKIP/AES  
Network Protocols IPv4,IPv6,TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP  
Communication 460900 baud via TTL
Default Network Name hx7tr  
Default Network IP  

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