Hx7tr Short Form Command List 

Data entered is placed in the hx7tr work registers for immediate action, if the unit is active then in next activity cycle. Spaces between outside commands and data are ignored. 


Commands with no attached data
Command Description
ldf writes the factory parameters back into flash memory *restarts
rst resets the program and starts with parameters already in flash. *restarts
wrf (write to flash), permanent storage of all current parameters.(1) *restarts
ms Start mux (cyclic calls for response from other transceivers)
mc Stops mux (multiplexing) **default
as Starts action timer device is an active caller (beacon) and listener (receiver) **default
ac Stops action the device is a passive listener (receiver only)
es Echo enabled, device reports distance to the nearest object **default
ec Disable echo analysis
is Include IMU (gyro/accelerometer)
ic Disable IMU **default
us emit ultrasonic ping 
syntax address& commands
example X20& as ms wrf            Device 20: active rf ultrasonic beacon, clears auto scan, writes to flash
  1. This command writes the parameters the device is currently running to flash permanent storage. When the device powers up these parameters are loaded into work registers and the operation will be identical to the way it was before shutdown. Note this command restarts the device.

  2. ** equals default state (wrf can change this state)

  3. * entry line terminated program restarted.


 Commands with String Data 

When a string is entered dot . is used to separate the data elements, and the or symbol  | terminates the string. $ Represents a string.  

Commands Description
me: Sets self ID (me) the name which this device responds to
mu: Name multiplexer sets the names of devices this device calls
ca: Calls the device specified directly
Syntax address& command StringData
example X23& me=(x,y,z)| mu=23.(x,y,z).432| ms wrf   .......................(1)
example X(x,y,z)&  d=10 f=20 ca:(x,y,z)|    ......................................(2)
  1. Device 23 is named (x,y,z) for that matter this could set as the actual coordinates of device 23, the mux command sets the device up to automatically call 23 (x,y,z) and 432. If echo is enabled, then whenever the device calls itself distance to the nearest object is returned.
  2. The device calls itself, signals arriving between 10th and the 20th milliseconds from launching the sonar flight are valid, more accurately  dead time=10240 uS, flight timeout 20480 uS, given the speed of sound=344m/s the object must be between 1.76 to 3.52 meters away to generate an echo.


 Commands with numeric data

Hexadecimal numbers as standard programming notation must be entered as e.g. 0xD4. Below: each # represents a byte. The separation between command and data can be any non command character example a:0x55 f=40 at,0x60 p_1 (the character between command and numerics is a dummy)

Command Description
a:# Action interval (sampling rate) # * 8.192mS resolution (default# 255) 2sec
at:# time when results are transmitted .............1mS resolution (default# 76)
f:# Flight time window       .........................1mS resolution (default# 56 /  19m)  **
d:# Dead time useful for echo selection .......1mS resolution (default# 12 / 4m)
ig:# Get the content of the IMU chip at address specified by #
ip:# Put data into the IMU chip (at address # : data #)
i:# Number of gyro/accelerator records included in output block
b:# Select USART TTL baud rate (see table) (default 460800 baud)
p:# RF power (0,1,2,3) (3 default)
r:# RF reception channel (123 default)
t:# RF emission channel (123 default)
Application examples
Syntax address& command:byteData
Example X234& a=004 ip=0x08:0x44 b=0x0B6B as
** (for distance range > 10m this window must be > 10(meters) / 344 (meters/second) or (#distance)/speed of sound. For echo ranging the window width must be doubled.


Output Commands
osb set broadcast enable
ocb clear broadcast enable
osp set  compin enable (output on (reserved pin)
ocp clear compin (reserved pin) enable
osu set enable usart output (TTL USART is enabled and active)
ocu clear enable usart
Application example
X21& at:40 osb ..... device broadcasts its results on the 40th millisecond after sonar flight
Enabled outputs except the USART slow the device, at high acquisition rate this becomes a problem


Special Commands (meant for the USART or ComPin)
^ Broadcasts what follows and displays response such as acknowledge
Application examples
^X21&ca:23| ..... device 21 is asked to report its distance to device 23
X& ac ^X23&as is .... device is passive with IMU output,  device 23 is active with IMU data
Notet ^ terminates entry and should always be the last in a command string.


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