Designed for indoors or clear weather outdoor operations, the HX7tr12-IP42 broad beam transceiver, times the flight of a longitudinal (ultrasonic) wave from itself to itself (echo) and from other similar devices within range. Time of flight, determines distance to the nearest object as well as distance to targeted points.  The hx7 transceiver is capable of serving as ultrasonic beacon, ultrasonic transmitter signal emitter or an ultrasonic receiver.


ultrasonic positioning and orientation device
More information HX7TR12 beam pattern
The orange lines represent the maximum distance. For example on the positive y axis at point 0, the distance is 16m, but where the 60 and 300 degree vector cuts the orange line the maximum distance is 16*4/6 or 10.7m; this is the low distance limitation for a spread of 120 degrees. At 150 degree spread the low distance limit is roughly 8m. (devices are tested to a spread of 150 degrees). ultrasonic positioning beam distribution map

HX7TR12-IP42 IMU specification

Supply Voltage External 3 - 6 Volts DC
Consumption 35mA Signal rate 0.02s/s
Max. Box Size (metric) 45 x 45 x 18 mm Millimeters
Max. Box Size (Imperial) 1.77 x 1.77 x 0.71 " Inches
Weight 24gramms / 0.9oz  
Range HX7T16 up to 20 meters narrow beam
Max Range HX7T12 up to 16 meters wide beam
Ultrasonic vibrating Surface Open  
Protection Ratings IP42 Compliant
RF communications
RF emission 2.4-2.523Ghz Range 30m 0, -5, -10, -20 dbm
RF user com channels 125 User selectable
RF Communication 250K baud via TTL
Gyro + Accelerometer IMU LSM6DS0
application interface USART TTL 0-3v / 0-5v
Accelerometer range +/- (0.00061 - 2) g              default(1)
Angular range +/- (0.00875 - 245) dps          default(1)
Acceleration Sampling Rate 952 (max) s/s           default(1)
Angular Sampling Rate 952 (max) s/s           default(1)
Ultrasonic Positioning
Precision better than +/- 4 millimeters at 10meters
sampling rate 43s/s range < 6meters
sonic emission 120db @ 40khz  
(1) the user has direct access to system's LSM6DS0 chip and can change the parameters through every available communication path TTL,WiFi and etc.

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