Long Range Narrow Beam 43KHZ Ultrasonic Sensors for Air and Gasses

  • Precision Positioning

  • Doppler Applications

  • echo Ranging 0.3 to 20 meters

  • Level Measurements (Solids and Liquids)

Suitable for outdoor operation, this transceiver is enclosed in an aluminium can with a silicone face. Two wires extend from the back, these should be connected to a suitable signal conditioner. The red wire extending from the back is the signal wire. The black wire is the return wire. Shield of the signal conditioner or converter connects to the black wire, and the core to the red wire.
See signal conditioner HXSC43 and Signal Converter HXSC43P  
(size 50 x 75 mm)


The Echo Sensitivity Graph shown below was acquired by exciting the sensor using 50 waves @ 20 Volt (peak to peak) pulses @43Khz. An object round about 26cm dia. with flat orderly surface was placed about 90 cm away. The graph below shows the result as the train of 50 waves bounces between transmitting and echo surfaces.

The Beam Angle was measured at a frequency of 43 Khz, see resulting graph below.

Below: Echo sensitivity versus frequency 
distance to target 25 cm, excitation 20V peak to peak using 50 waves

Below: Phase Angle and Impedance versus Frequency
The BLUE line represents phase angle and the RED line represents impedance


Center Frequency

43.0 5.0 (KHZ)



Nominal Impedance

700 ohm


5.7 nF

Max. Driving Voltage

700 Vpp 2% duty cycle

Beam Width

8.5 @ -3dB

Sensor Window

Silicone Rubber

Operation Temperature

0 to 70C

Storage Temparature

-20 to 80C


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