Introduction Hexamite Ultrasonic Positioning


  • Multidimensional Multipoint Positioning

  • Ultrasonic Guidance Systems

  • Ultrasonic Tracking Systems

  • High Resolution 0.7mm

  • High Repeatability

  • Range up to 14 meters

Ultrasonic Positioning 

The Ultrasonic Positioning System (UPS) is a system of devices used for either tracking or guidance or a combination of both. The components of the UPS are the Hexamite Positioning Devices featured below, these devices harness ultrasound for high resolution, high repeatability positioning. The smallest UPS conceivable, consists of at least two Hexamite Positioning Devices where one device knows the distance to another. The hexamite positioning devices are referred to as either beacons or pilots. Each hexamite pilot knows its distance to every hexamite beacon in range, with sub-millimeters resolution. Any Hexamite Positioning Device can be configured either as a pilot or a beacon. Your “Local Positioning System” may consist of indefinite number of Hexamite Positioning Devices, configured as pilots and beacons to form a large system that suits your needs.

Miniature Positioning Device

Hexamite Positioning Device HE900T with 40khz internal sensor, is small Size: 0.25" x 1" x 2.5" (6.3 x 25 x 63 mm) and light weight. It features serial I/O pins and a sync pin. It comes with internal rechargeable batteries as an option, it drains 50 to 1500 micro ampere. HE900T is suited for tagging smaller objects and people, for tracking or guidance. 

HE900M1 Ultrasonic Positioning Device

Hexamite Positioning Device HE900M1 has a built in 40Khz sensor, and RS485 or as an option RS232 interface. It has high power output which gives it extra range. The number of devices per RS485 network is 128. The networking simplicity and construction makes this device well suited for fixed or stationary operation where the devices are wire linked

HX944 Ultrasonic Positioning Device

Hexamite Positioning Device HX944 has 4 transmission channels and 4 receive channels, this device can report the distance from any number of beacons to 4 differently positioned sensors. This device is ideal for a single moving object guidance, it facilitates broader angle operation and can also provide object orientation data.

Important: The positioning devices are sensitive. While connected to a computer some ungrounded switching power supplies from laptops and desktops can disturb the positioning devices. In case of trouble, make sure all computers or terminals connected to the devices are well grounded. Laptops and terminals running on batteries do not disturb the devices while connected.






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