Microcomputer Web Development System (Parallel Processing) Contact
Wireless development system: Remote WIFI programming and data sharing.

Parallel processing: unified processing: lets many different micro controllers work together.

Extra compact, little wasted space: packs superpower into a small cube

Indefinite stacking of auxiliary modules: signal conditioners: IMU: GPS and etc.

Fast prototyping: PinStem modules or the whole assembly plugs directly into breadboards: providing wireless access to test circuits


i Below:
xmega breadboard modules
Vertical connection on bread
board using right angle header.
piggybacked pinstem module pack example piggybacked framed modules pinstem
Ribbon cable with module frames
for strain relief.

Provision for pin overlay legend between modules, helps during the development stages
Above: boards are piggybacked as shown with full or partial through connectivity.  Structures may contain more than one processor each from different manufacturers. Embedded microcontrollers may be mixed with signal conditioners and processors. The pin concept is symmetrical so boards may be rotated for better utilization of functions. The user can create external connection to pins using clips or single stranded wires.
pinstem xmega module with ribbon cable connections
Ribbon cable connected, clamped
down by the strain relieving  cover
xmega module with a legend pinstem

Simplify development and create a commercial product without soldering, without electronic hardware skills
quick prototyping xmega wifi on a breadboard pinstem bulk ultrasonic transceiver finished product example
Modules fit breadboards directly. Assembly Finished Product